How Link Pyramider Works

How does a link pyramid get you better rankings?

The better quality links you get for your sites, the more help they will be to push your sites higher in the SERPs. Sending a lot of low quality links to your site won't do you as much good as sending a smaller amount of good links.

A link pyramid lets you set up a smaller number of sites that you will "launder" your link juice through to help push your sites higher. You can still use mass link building tools to send low quality links to sites lower down in your pyramid, but the only sites linking to your money site will be high quality.

How a link pyramid works.

How Link Pyramider helps you manage your link pyramids

Traditionally, managing a link pyramid was the hardest part of running one. You had to keep track of which sites were on which level of the pyramid and make sure you were correctly linking between your levels. Thanks to Link Pyramider, those hassles are a thing of the past.

With Link Pyramider, all you need to do is enter login details for your sites and tell the system what level of the pyramid they are on. Our software keeps track of everything else and makes sure the sites are only linking to sites that they should be. Link Pyramider is the easiest way to manage a link pyramid.

Most importantly, we maintain a huge pool of links that point to sites outside of your network. These links are randomly inserted in to your posts. You don't want all of the links you create to only link to other sites in your network. That is a big red flag and will decrease the value of your network. These are links to authority sites and regular sites. You also don't want your only links outside of your network to go to authority sites. That also looks very suspicious.

Then with our very simple content tools, adding hand-written content, our content generator or the RSS feed reader, post content to those sites. Using the content generator or RSS feed reader takes under 60 seconds to setup. Just plug in your links, select a couple options and click submit. It's never been easier to build powerful sites.

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