Link Pyramider FAQ

Why is a link pyramid good?

Link pyramids help boost your money sites by focusing links from a number of high quality sites you run at your money site. You then point your low quality links at your level 2-4 sites and those push the link juice up to your money site.

Can I really get better rankings with just a few clicks?

It only takes a few clicks to create a campaign, add a site and add an article. You'll need to create several sites though. Fortunately, the only work you need to do with our system is stuff that can easily be outsourced. All you need is people to create accounts and people to create content. We're even working on ideas to make that easier for you.

If I cancel my plan does all of my content get deleted?

Nope. Once content is posted to your sites we don't delete it. We haven't even programmed in a way to delete posts.

What types of sites can Link Pyramider post to?

Right now the system posts to WordPress, Drupal and Elgg sites. You might find other systems that post to WordPress 3 sites that support XMLRPC. We post to those no problems as well. That includes WordPress sites you have set up on your own systems or a site like What we do that no one else does is we also post to the older WordPress MU 1.x and 2.x sites that don't support XMLRPC. Those sites are harder to post to so most sites don't bother. But those are the sites that have less oversight so they are less likely to delete your sites.

What is a campaign? Why am I limited to how many I can create?

A campaign is a group of sites that are concentrated on one niche. You create a campaign and a set of sites that goes in to that campaign. Then you add articles to the campaign. Those articles are posted to all sites in your campaign. We don't want to limit things like the number of sites each campaign can have or the amount of content you can post, so we only limit the number of campaigns each account can have. Each campaign uses a large amount of storage in our database and processing power in maintaining it.

Are there any contracts?

No. Your account is month to month and you can cancel at any time.

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