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Link pyramids are hugely powerful.

Building and managing them has never been easier than with Link Pyramider.

Ready any SEO Blog, and they will tell you getting natural links is the most powerful way to improve your search engine rankings. Link pyramids are the best way to mimic those natural links while still having complete control over what's on the sites. But until now, they have been difficult to setup and maintain. Link Pyramider takes the work out of link pyramids, letting you make more money while working less.

Leave posts, not footprints.

Google uses footprints to destroy your hard work.

Don't leave footprints
Built-In Footprint-Fighter
Our system was designed from the bottom up with one simple idea in mind... Google hunts for footprints to destroy your hard work. If you don't leave footprints in your posting, your links will stay valuable much longer. Link Pyramider posts to many of the most popular platforms online. We make sure some of your posts have no links and some link to random sites that aren't yours. We also randomly add in images to some posts. All of these are important tools to remove your footprints.

Hate writing content? So do we.

We understand that writing content can be a big pain, so we handle that for you.

Content Generator
Built-In Content Generator
We have an ever-growing set of titles and sentences that our content generator will use to create and post content for you automatically. We know that writing/adding content can be the slowest part of any link building campaign, so we handle the writing for you.

Creating Accounts By Hand Takes Hours

So we have two tools to make the task take minutes

Account Creator Bot
Account Creator Bot
Our easy-to-use account creator bot lets you create accounts on WordPress, PHP Fox, and Elgg sites at the click of a button. We have an ever-growing list of sites that we've verified work and you can add your own user-defined sites too!

Link Pyramider is the choice for affliates or SEO professionals.

It's never been easier to build, manage and maintain incredibly powerful link pyramids. It only takes 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Add A Campaign
Your sites and articles are grouped into campaigns. It takes about 60 seconds to set up each campaign.
Step 2: Add Sites
Add login details to sites you have running WordPress, Drupal or Elgg. Link Pyramider will post articles to those sites.
Step 3: Add Articles
Finally, you need to add content that will be posted to the sites. You can do this manually, or you can use our content generator.

Integrations with the tools you use.

To help automate the process even further, we integrate with some of the most popular tools out there.

The Best Spinner Integration
The Best Spinner
Using our content generator gets you highly-unique, human-written content. If you want to make it even more unique just enter your TBS username and password and the content will be spun automatically before it's submitted. Don't have a TBS account? Get one here.
Backlinks Indexer
To help get all of your posts indexed, just enter your BI API key to have all of your URLs automatically submitted to their system. Don't have a Backlinks Indexer account? Get one here.
Backlinks Indexer Integration

30 day refund policy.

We are so confident you'll love our service that on top of our 7-day free trial that all accouns get, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. The 30 day period starts from the time you start your free trial, not from the date of the first payment.